Breasclete, Lewis, 5 June 1883 - Norman Mcarthur

NORMAN M'ARTHUR, Crofter and Fisherman, Borrowston (32) —examined.

14920. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—Have you anything to say in addition to what has been said?
—I have to speak of the trouble we have in respect of the mill. We are more than six miles from the mill here. We have to give the miller every year the one-sixteenth part of our grain, besides our trouble, and if we have only three pecks, we have that same trouble to undergo—twelve miles to travel. We had old mills of our own, which we used formerly; and we think it a hardship that we should be obliged to keep up this mill, while we are also obliged to buy meal for our support elsewhere.

14921. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—Are you allowed to grind meal in your own mills ?
—The old mills are forbidden entirely. That is under article 30 of regulations. We think if we were allowed to resume the use of our own old mills, as we did before, it would be a relief to us.

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