Stornoway, Lewis, 11 June 1883 - Donald Macleod

DONALD MACLEOD, Crofter, Lower Bayble (60)—examined.

17254. The Chairman.
—Were you chosen by the people of Lower Bayble ?

17255. What have you to say?
—When our land was allotted under the present proprietor it was done by Mr Scobie. At that time there were six families at the end of the township where I am, and my brother was on the lot which I now occupy. His rent was then £ 3 , 10s. The land was taken from us at that time for a curing station, spreading places for nets, and accommodation for boats. There was a deduction of 5s. from our lots and some of the other lots on account of that for some time. But after Mr Scobie's time that 5s. was laid on us again, when the lots were next settled by Mr John Mackenzie, the rent of that ground which my brother had, and which I now occupy, was raised to £4, 19s., and to make my story short, I paid this year £ 7 , 12s. 6d, for that same ground. of that 19s. was paid on account of road money I had not been paying before. On the same ground, on which I remember my father and mother keeping five cows, I keep two and another young beast, and I have difficulty in keeping them.

17256. What rent did you pay last year ?
—About £6.

17257. What is the bare rent without including road money or arrears?
—When I came into possession of the land the bare rent was £-4, 19s. Then there was 5s. added to that for road money. It is now part of the rent, and when I objected to that there was a fine of 7s. put upon me. I would get no receipts from Mr Muuro until I paid that 7s.

17258. Was that 7s. arrears of rent from previous years?
—It was Mr Munro who put that fine upon me. I held on for two years without paying it, and I would get no receipts till I paid it.

17259. Was the 7s. included in the receipt when you paid it?

17260. Who got the 7s. ?
—The rulers of the estate know that; I do not.

17261. Then your rent now is £ 5 , 4s. ?
—Yes, £5, 4s. is the bare rent now.

17262. How did you pay £6, 12s. last year ?
—[Witness handed in receipts.]

17263. There is grazing of cows and herding of sheep here in these receipts, did you know that ?
—Yes, that is for grazing which our fathers had for nothing.

17264. What stock do you keep for the £5, 4s. ?
—Two cows and a young beast and six ewes.

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