Stornoway, Lewis, 11 June 1883 - Napier Campbell

NAPIER CAMPBELL, Solicitor, Stornoway (50)—examined.

16657. The Chairman.
—By whom are you delegated to appear here?
—I am appointed by several crofters. I may mention it was the wish of the general body of the crofters that I shoidd appear; and I was also appointed by parties who were understood to represent the crofters,—I refer to the Highland Lewis Land. Association, who were acting as a committee in public to prepare the parties for the reception of the Commissioners. I produce a specimen of the mandates I have.

16658. Would you make your statement ?
—[Paper read.]

16659. Has that paper been already read before the Land Law Reform Association of Lewis ?
—I believe it has; not this particular paper perhaps, but the draft of it. I may just state in connection with it, to show the unreliability of the public here, within a few minutes it was conveyed to Mr Munro by one of the officials, and I am threatened with an action of damages ; and I am here to defy any action of damages.

16660. Before we say anything about it, we must first consider whether we shall consent to receive it, and we shall retire to consider that. There are statements here touching the character of a dead man, which make it necessary for us to consider whether we should receive the paper.

The Commissioners retired, and on resuming, the Chairman stated

In the absence of the Chairman of the Commission, the Commissioners have resolved to receive Mr Napier Campbell's statement provisionally, reserving for a full meeting of the Commission the question of its final disposal. (see Appendix A. XLIV for amended statement)

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