Stornoway, Lewis, 9 June 1883 - Rev Angus Mciver

Rev. ANGUS M'IVER—re-examined

16422. The Chairman.
—You come here wishing to make an explanation of your former evidence ?
—Yes ; in my statement which I made to tho Commissioners on Monday last at Meavaig, I said that the only
thing I knew that the proprietrix of this island had done for the people of this island, was to contribute £ 10 towards the building of a new church on the island of Berneray. Since giving that evidence, I remember it was told me at the time that Lady Matheson had distributed some clothes and shoes, as well as some meal, among the poor some time after the death of Sir James Matheson, the date of which I cannot remember. I also said that the area of Lewis would accommodate all the crofters and cottars on the island, and I said I thought £ 5 lots would put the people into a comfortable state as crofters. The way in which I want to explain that is, that 1 know the crofters in Lewis at present who pay £5 in rent, and I believe they can be perfectly confortable as crofters. Now, my ground was that if the rents of Lewis were reduced by half, say, what it was in 1813, that would leave them perfectly comfortable. Of course, taking the £ 5 which it is to-day, £ 2 , 10s. would be the same rate, the £2, 10s. would be the same when the rents would be reduced. The whole matter was that, I believe, if the rents were reduced to what they were in 1843, it would accommodate all the crofters and cottars in the island.

16423. The Chairman.
—Do you mean to say the crofter rents have been doubled since 1843?

16424. You say that as a fact ?

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