South Uist, 28 May 1883 - Donald Macfie

DONALD MACFIE, Crofter, South Boisdale (39)—examined.

11818. The Chairman.—Do you wish to explain some statements in the paper presented for South Loch Boisdale ?

11819. What is the explanation? Is that statement true as to the gusset ?
—The statement is quite true.

11820. Where did you see the paper ?
—In my own father's house; the ground officer met the people with the paper.

11821. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.—And they signed upon the understanding that they would get equal value for the gusset ?
—We signed the paper on the understanding that we ourselves would receive some compensation for the loss of this gusset, but against our will, for we would have much preferred the gusset to any consideration we might receive, and the man who was formerly examined is an occupier of the same gusset, though he said he knew nothing about it.

11822. Did he get it at the expense of his co-croftere?
—He is paying rent for it. We got no reduction.

11823. How long is it since this man came in ?
—About five or six years ago.

11824. How long is it since you signed this paper in your father's house ?
—Twenty-five years ago.

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