South Uist, 28 May 1883 - John Mckinnon

JOHN M'KINNON, Cottar, Kilphedar (47)—examined.

11825. The Chairman.—What have you to say?
—I have been evicted and put out of my land, and sustained much damage and injustice. Another tenant took my place and paid my arrears. They would not accept my arrears from myself. I and my weak family have been sent out on the peat bogs, so that we are here almost exhausted.

11826. How much were you in arrear?
—I believe I would be owing £10 or £12.

11827. Did the incoming tenant who followed you pay that ?
—I offered the factor the best horse I had in payment of these arrears, which animal subsequently fetched £12 at the market. The tenant who succeeded me, I heard, has paid £ 5 of my arrears.

11828. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.—What was the name of the man who paid the £ 5 ?
—Roderick Steele.

11829. Is he still in possession
—He is in possession now, and I have been cast out on the bare hill—on the bog.

11830. Who was the factor to whom the horse was tendered?—Mr Walker, the late factor, two years ago.

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