Benbecula, 29 May 1883 - John Mckellag

JOHN M'KELLAG, Crofter, Hacleit (57)—examined.

12179. The Chairman.—Were you freely elected a delegate by the people of your place

12180. What do you wish to say on the part of these whom you represent?
—Since my own recollection, a part of the land which I occupy had only six occupants, but there are now twenty-seven. We have become so poor through the smallness of our holdings. I have also to complain that
we are too far from the schoolhouse.

12181. How many crofters are there in the township?

12182. How many were there when you were young?

12183. Where has the surplus come from? Are they owing to the natural increase of the people, or have strangers been brought in upon them ?
—They are the natural increase of the country.

12184. Has any hill pasture been taken away from them?
—A good many of those have squatted upon what constituted our moorland grazing.

12185. What stock do you keep ?
—I own no beast whatever. I lost a cow and a stirk and a calf this year, because I was so poor that I was not
able to buy food for them.

12186. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.—What rent do you pay?

12187. The Chairman.—Are there other crofters in your place who are doing well
—Oh, yes.

12188. Then their complaint generally is that they have not land enough ?
—Yes, that is their complaint.

12189. Have you heard what has been said to-day generally?

12190. Do you agree with it?

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