Benbecula, 29 May 1883 - John Mcleod

JOHN M'LEOD, Crofter, Iochdar (61)—examined.

12176. The Chairman.—You know that a written statement has been sent in from Iochdar ?

12177. Do you agree with that statement?
—We agree that it is right.

12178. Have you yourself anything to state ?
—I complain of the scarcity of the land, of its bad quality, and its dearness. The land is not growing more plenty, but more scarce. A good deal of the moor for which we are paying rent is occupied by others, and is useless to us. We are deprived of the good of it, and we are still paying it—a portion of it for the last thirteen years and a portion during the last four years occupied by outside cottars. We are completely deprived of it during the last three years, and without any of its use. I have no more to say different from what you have heard, except that I occupy a piece of very poor moorland myself, upon which I am not able to make a livelihood.

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